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How Printing Began in Scotland

How Printing In Scotland Began - A Brief But Very Interesting History

At Book Printers Scotland we have decades of experience in many forms of printing and finishing and we are very proud of our heritage. It was around 500 years ago that the first book was printed in Edinburgh, and since that time printing in Scotland has evolved significantly.

The first royal license for printing in Scotland was granted to Walter Chapman on 15 September 1507 by James IV. The grant given to Walter Chapman, a merchant in Edinburgh, and his partner Androw Myllar, a bookseller, is now on display at the National Archives of Scotland.

The grant itself was actually awarded so that the pair could print the ‘Aberdeen breviary’ on their press. This was a book that depicted the lives of saints local to the area and Scottish church practices. The first book to be printed on the press was a poem written by John Lydgate called ‘The Complaint Of The Black Knight’ and this can be found at the National Library of Scotland.

After the first press was commissioned and the first royal license granted, printing began to grow in popularity across Scotland. Presses started to spring up in Aberdeen, Stirling and St Andrews whilst Glasgow didn’t take up printing on a major scale until the seventeenth century. The first printing techniques were actually imported from France, but as time went on, Scottish innovations in printing started to emerge. Some of these innovations include the rotary press and stereotyping process. A typesetting machine was also introduced that were used well into the twentieth century.

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While printing has improved over the years, we still use some of the techniques used hundreds of years ago to get the perfect finish. Our aim and continued commitment in the latest printing methods ensure we help keep the history of printing alive and kicking well into the twenty first century. That’s why we are one of the most popular book printers in Glasgow today.

If you would like to know more about the techniques and equipment we use today, please get in touch with our team. We would be delighted to tell you more.