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Why Choose PUR

Reasons To Choose PUR Perfect Binding In Scotland

Here at Book Printers Scotland, we offer a number of book binding methods designed to ensure your publication stays bound perfectly for many years to come and through many reads. Perfect binding and PUR binding are both very effective binding techniques that ensure a perfect bound product time and time again.

What Is PUR Binding?

PUR perfect binding gets its name from the type of adhesive used in the process - polyurethane reactive (PUR). This adhesive, once applied, offers excellent adhesion and will allow the book to be laid flat without affecting the strength or condition of the book binding. This adhesive is far superior to the EVA adhesive used during the perfect binding process and will ensure your publication can take all that is thrown at it during its lifetime. If you are looking for perfect bound books that will stay looking their best for many years to come, PUR book binding is the only solution to consider.

Another benefit of using PUR book binding is that it allows you to achieve a square spine even on thin publications. If you are looking for an attractive and robust alternative to saddle stitching for a brochure for example, PUR perfect binding will allow you to achieve this. Our PUR binding experts are on hand to help you choose the right binding method for your publication and will ensure the perfect finish every time.

PUR Perfect Binding - The Durable And Flexible Book Binding Solution

Perfect binding is a very effective book binding solution, but PUR book binding takes finishing to an entirely new level and gives you more flexibility and durability. We have recently invested in a state of the art PUR perfect binder that offers outstanding binding for any publication of 36 printed pages or more.

If you want to achieve a perfectly bound, square spined and very durable and flexible publication, PUR book binding is the best option. We would be delighted to tell you more about the book binding process, provide samples or arrange your print run and finishing at your convenience. Get in touch with the book binding experts at Book Printers Scotland to find out more about PUR perfect binding in Glasgow and how we can help you to achieve the perfect finish.